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Cervical Nerve Root Impingement rehabilitation

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Cervical nerve root impingement or bulging is caused by influx of substances from damaged inter-vertebral discs into the tunnel of the spinal column causing irritation to the nerves in that area and pain in connected portions of the body.

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How is Cervical Nerve Root Impingement rehabilitation

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The treatment of these conditions consists mostly in trying to remove those bulges by exerting the right kind of pressure on the right places of the spine. By squeezing the quantum of the spine where protruding extraneous substances are causing distress to the nerves, those substances are flushed out of the spine canal.

Usually, nerve root impingements are temporary conditions which can be treated by permissible rehearsal and correcting the posture of the patients. For the neck these exercises will involve nodding movements which bring in the chin towards the neck. For nodding exercises you need to be right to keep the neck itself straight and aligned with the torso. It should not be bent in the process of bringing in the chin.

There are separate types of nodding exercises depending on the position of the torso. The first and easiest one is done with the torso positioned vertically in a sitting position. With the neck firm, the chin is then brought gently towards the neck. Bring the chin back to the original position and repeat.

The second type of the nodding rehearsal should be done with the torso or body bent send at an angle of 45 degreed to the horizontal. The basic movement of holding the neck in position while drawing in the chin is repeated.

Another way to rehearsal the neck is to bring in one ear towards the side of the neck while holding the base of the neck upright. Hold for about 5 seconds and bring the head back to normal position. Repeat for the other ear.

There is probably nothing easier to do than cervical exercises and they can be done alone.

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