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Sleep - Part of the Rhythm of Life

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If you separated a former mattress into all of its private parts you would have a bunch of metal, synthetic fabric, petroleum based foam and some plastic. Essentially, most mattresses are made from chemicals and metal.

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How is Sleep - Part of the Rhythm of Life

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Why should this be of concern?

When at rest or at sleep, your body is vulnerable. Your body "breathes"; both absorbing and releasing elements into and from the environment; it is part of our life-rhythm. Toxic gases may be released from your former mattress and the fluids released from your body at night can mix with the chemicals in a former mattress creating a toxic swamp that can be detrimental to your health.

Traditional mattresses provide breeding havens for dust mites, mold and mildew. Many citizen unknowingly suffer from allergic reactions to the surface that they sleep on and the creatures that live in it.

After a few years of use, former mattresses begin to sag; especially pillow top models.

The coils and springs wear and start to separate, creating a canoe effect. If your mattress is flippable; that may help prolong the sure deterioration of a conventional mattress, but only by a few months or a incorporate of years at best.

When stripped down to the basics, your antiquated former mattress looks like a medieval torture device composed of floor covering insulation and wiry springs rather than a rest inducing sleep sanctuary.

As our knowledge of manufactured environmental hazards has expanded, our awareness of the significance of natural, organic products has grown as well. Organic mattresses, which by nature are healthier, have come to be more refined and elegant - even surpassing the relieve level of costly conventional inner spring mattresses.

Gone are the days when consumers where forced to decree for "canvas-like, assemble-yourself, latex slabs in a bag". Today, top of the line organic mattresses, offer beautiful, tight-top ended organic mattresses that out shine the aesthetics of much more costly designer mattresses. Companies such as, CozyPure®, generate organic mattress that are ended with soft, luxurious, organic color-grown, which reflects it's balance and harmony with nature.

Natural latex is pure and fresh; both soft and buoyant, allowing a comfortable number of softness, while still maintaining the considerable number of orthopedic support required during wholesome sleep.

When combining the health, environmental, durability and relieve issues of a conventional mattress, versus a quality organic mattress, then the choice is clear - an organic, natural latex mattress is far superior.

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