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Solve Dog Breeding Problems With Canine synthetic Insemination

Orthopedic Dr - Solve Dog Breeding Problems With Canine synthetic Insemination
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Got dog breeding problems? Canine artificial insemination is the only sure-fire solution. Every dog breeder experiences breeding dog mating behavior hassles from time to time... In my years as a Veterinarian, I've seen them all! And you'll see, Diy canine artificial insemination is easy.

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How is Solve Dog Breeding Problems With Canine synthetic Insemination

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Here are some base dog breeding problems that canine artificial insemination helps to overcome:

Behavioral Problems

Behavioral problems are a frequent calculate breeders turn to Ai. While an experienced stud dog can often unerringly detect receptivity in bitches, many, especially young dogs, just don't get it. Often this is due to past punishment of mounting behavior. And some male dogs just have a very low sex drive, particularly submissive dogs that are plainly low in the canine public pecking order.

Another base problem is the over-excited stud dog who becomes erect before prosperous penetration. Being territorial animals, the reliance and thus sexual behavior of the dog is highest when they are on their home turf. So for natural matings, the bitch should be brought to the male's home otherwise his sexual behavior may be inhibited. When this is not possible, Ai is an option.

Bitches may also be aggressive toward the intended sire and not allow breeding, for anything reason. Often this is plainly due to inappropriate timing for the mating. She is plainly not ready! Natural encounters with such bitches can damage a dog's libido. Similarly some male dogs are so aggressive that natural mating is not advisable.

Ai also protects the stud dog from injury that may occur if the bitch thrashes about while a tie.

Protecting the Dog from Infection

For many stud dog owners, the decision to do canine artificial insemination exclusively, is made to protect the dog from infection from a bitch.

Physical Problems

Ai can be used to overcome a indispensable incompatibility in size between the bitch and the dog.

In the male, Ai can overcome frailness or pain when mounting due to arthritis, injury or prostatic disease. A dog with a missing limb or an injury to a rear leg or spine may not be able to stand on his rear to tie bitches. As long as the disability doesn't reflect a genetic or structural unsoundness, canine artificial insemination can keep this dog producing.

Geographic Separation

If the bitch and the desired stud are some distance from each other, and transportation of the bitch to the male is not practical, his semen can prepared and be shipped to her.

To Cover Two Bitches at Once

The ejaculate, if of good quality, can be split to cover 2 bitches.

Overcoming Time Constraints

Fresh dog semen can last up to 6 days in the bitch. An early Ai, a miniature before the dog or bitch are physiologically quite ready to mate, can be used to effectively "cover" the following 3 to 4 days if other commitments forestall a natural mating while that time.

Similarly, to maximize litter size many breeders opt to inseminate "one last time" just after the sexual interest of the bitch or dog has passed.

To Allow Semen estimation Prior to Breeding

Breeders that do canine artificial insemination exclusively find that the chance it provides to continually rate their stud's semen is invaluable in picking up fertility problems before they come to be serious or follow in missed litters.

To Boost the Stud's Confidence

A skillfully managed range can help the dog gain reliance and unmistakably train him for a natural breeding career, rather than overly tiring him from unsuccessful attempts at natural mating and spoiling him for natural breeding.

Anyone can unmistakably learn to Diy Ai at home.

Watch the video link below and see for yourself!

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