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Relieving Constipation by Acupressure

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Housewives pass colse to stories of a "poop button" on the body. What they mean is, an acupressure point three finger widths below the navel. It is claimed that pressing on this point produces the urge for bowel movement, sometimes as speedily as within ten minutes. There are as a matter of fact many more "poop buttons" on the arms, colse to the navel, the back and the legs. So it is up to each personel to inspect them and stimulate them to ease constipation.

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How is Relieving Constipation by Acupressure

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Critics on the other hand, label acupressure as pseudoscience on the ground that it cannot be fully explained by "Western" medical science. This is despite the fact that unlike other alternative medicine, the effects of acupressure can be observed on neuroimaging. For example: a well known orthopedic surgeon when researching the possible of electro medicine, noted that primary acupressure meridians and points contained amounts of electromagnetic energy that non-acupressure points did not.

In an description written for the New York Times entitled "Now, about my doing in Peking", America's influential journalist James Reston happened to mention the result of acupuncture on post doing constipation was observed on a fluoroscope where the needles inserted on limbs produced movements in the intestines.

In fact, documented research on the effectiveness of acupuncture and acupressure is growing. America has approved acupuncture since Reston wrote about how acupuncture relieved his post doing pain.

To doubt acupressure is equivalent to doubting acupuncture as the old works on the same law as the latter in which the unlikeness is one uses the hands while the other uses needles. Maybe the area in which controversy is warranted involves Tapas acupressure technique, a medical agenda to release emotional and negative energy blockages. Tapas technique evolved from the primary acupressure, does not emphasize on corporal contact, is not the branch of seminar in this article.

Intellectual debates aside, acupressure and acupuncture has helped many citizen especially the poorer ones in the Orient to seek relief from a range of health problems. Chinese physicians and acupuncturists may propose acupressure as part of a patient's rehabilitation process.

For folks who feel their constipation can be managed at home, acupressure can be an alternative to narcotic laxatives. When acupressure is applied by a family member, the comforting touch itself heals not only the gut but also promotes emotional well- being.

Generally, versatile acupressure is safe for self-treatment. It is easy to learn, convenient to do anytime and anywhere. Apart from the acupressure point under the navel as mentioned at the outset, an additional one point citizen ordinarily like to work on is the point at the outer edge in the crease of the bent arm. The duration and frequency depends on how grievous is the constipation. citizen who can afford to pay professionals for acupressure sessions may find it a pleasant experience, especially when combined with moxibustion in which a lighted stick of moxa herb warms the acupressure points.

Of policy like all health remedies, acupressure has its limitations, too. It is unsuitable for citizen with high or low blood pressure and pregnant women. unavoidable conditions where the skin should not be touched such as open wound and blisters are not for acupressure.

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